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Frequently Asked


Q. Why is it adults only? Is it an adult-themed (wink wink) hotel?

A. LOL no. La Terraza Inn is actually not adult-themed. The reasons we restrict admission to 16+ guests are:

  1. so that we can provide a more quiet environment as part of the guest experience, and
  2. our hotel has a lot of stairs, some overhanging high drops, which might be unsafe for small adventurous kids.

Q. You have some rooms listed with a balcony and some with a terrace. What is the difference?

A. Terraces are larger and offer more “walk around” space. Balconies are not as large but still offer good room to sit down and enjoy a meal in the sun.

Q. Are you planning on adding elevators?

A. Not at the moment. Unfortunately the shape of the hillside makes it virtually impossible to do so.

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